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Sensory Food Issues: How to Support and Nourish Your Child

Sensory food aversions are common among neurodivergent children, and often lead to picky eating. Learn how to support and nourish kids with sensory differences.

The Responsive Feeding Approach

The Responsive Feeding approach encourages parents to learn their child’s feeding cues in order to understand the child’s needs.

Division of Responsibility

The Division or Responsibility provides guidelines for parents to foster positive and safe eating environments. Find out how you can apply these strategies in your home.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy could be helpful if your child has trouble eating. Learn more about the different approaches and when it may be appropriate.

Makchic Ask the Expert

Read my answers to commonly asked questions about feeding and nutriton from Makchic mommas.  

The Responsive Feeding Approach

The Responsive Feeding Approach

Responsive Feeding is an approach to feeding that focuses on recognizing, and responding to, the child’s hunger and fullness cues. Learn how to use the approach in your home.

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