Cultivate Connection Course FAQs

What is Cultivate Connection?

Cultivate Connection equips parents and caregivers with a holistic understanding of their child’s needs and development while empowering them with the tools and strategies to effectively meet those needs, build trust, and help their child heal and grow. The training focuses on a wide range of topics, including:

  • the impact of a person’s history
  • what parents bring to the parent-child relationship
  • the fundamentals of attachment
  • the impact of stress on behavior
  • the importance of meeting a child’s sensory processing, nutritional and other physiological needs

Cultivate Connection integrates this holistic understanding with the insights and skills parents need to effectively and consistently employ a connection-based parenting approach.

Is this course for parents of young children only?

The material covered in this course is helpful for parents and caregivers (grandparents, teachers, etc) with kids of all ages.

Is the course in person or online?

The course will be held in person at our center in Ara Damansara.  If your group would like to host a group at your location, please get in touch with us.

Can we bring our kids?

We request that parents arrange to have childcare for their children in order for foster environment conducive to learning and discussion.  On occasion, we can help arrange childcare for an additional fee. 

How long is the course?

Cultivate Connection includes 18 sixty minute modules. A typical cohort will meet 9 times to cover 2 modules in each session. 

What language will the course be in?

Written handouts and course information will all be in English. 

Are discounts available?

Group discounts are available. Contact us for more information.