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Are you feeling lonely because your child seems to be developing differently from the rest of his peers?

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Learn how to empower your child so that, together, your family can Flourish. 

What We Offer

Speech Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Parent Support

Psychological Services

Our Approach

When there are so many different opinions and recommendations out there, it can feel overwhelming. We understand that the challenges of parenting children with special needs can be even more complex than the average family’s. It affects your relationship with your child and your confidence as a parent. At Fed to Flourish, we believe in the value of taking the long term approach. By valuing every child’s unique design, and empowering parents to build a foundation of trust, families can Flourish.

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About Fed to Flourish

Janice Cho
Janice Cho

Located in Klang Valley, our center offers a holistic approach to support families with children who have special needs including Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, trauma related to adoption or other difficult histories. Services include pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, clinical psychology, and parent support and training. We want to walk with you along this journey to discover your child’s potential and see your family flourish together.

Fed to Flourish began in California, USA,  providing support for families in feeding and nutrition.  After moving overseas, Janice and Daniel founded Fed to Flourish in Malaysia, to serve families struggling to find support for their children.

How It Works

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Contact us to see if this is a good fit for your family.  Schedule an evaluation and create a plan to address your child's needs and your concerns.

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Work with a therapist and learn how to support your child and  help your child develop skills that will help them function at their fullest potential.

Be empowered

We celebrate with you when you have gained the confidence to support your child on your own.